TCT Training Module

TCT Training Module Autumn 2022 [ENG]

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Do you want to train more and learn something extra in addition to your regular weekly training?
Do you want to improve your climbing technique? Want to learn about how to help yourself become a better climber? Do you like to learn something more about climbing competitions? Then sign up for the TCT Training Module Autumn 2022.

Besides learning a lot, following this Training module is an excellent opportunity to get a taste of what we do at Top Climbing Twente. The training sessions will be given by a certified trainer, who TOC Team climbers will assist.s.

For whom?

  • You are between 8 and 13 years old.
  • You are motivated to train extra and learn something.
  • You are training at least once a week bouldering or lead. These training sessions are extra on top of your regular training and will continue while following the module.
  • Are you a lead climber, then having some bouldering experience is useful.
  • Your climbing level doesn’t matter, but we expect that you already have some experience (minimum 6 months of climbing experience) and know what the rules are and what will be expected from you in a bouldering gym.

Where and when?

The module consists 7 training sessions of 1:45 hours.
The training sessions are given on the following Fridays, from 3:15 PM to 5:00 PM:

Training 130 September TCT Training area+Cube
Training 214 OctoberTCT Training area+Cube
Training 328 OctoberTCT Training area+Cube
Training 44 NovemberTCT Training area+Cube
Training 518 NovemberTCT Training area+Cube
Training 62 DecemberTCT Training area+Cube
Training 716 December*TCT Training area+Cube
The training always starts and ends in the TCT training room (above the Cube changing rooms).
Part of the training takes place in this training room, part of the training in Cube Bouldergym.

16 december = A final training of 2 hours (4:00 to 6:00 pm), including the TOC Team.
At the same time, this will be an Open TCT Training for climbers who want to come and watch, sign up for the next module, or be selected for the TOC Team.


We will practise different climbing movement techniques, route reading and tactics in each training. We will always practise endurance (general condition) and ‘strength’ based on movement skills, stability and balance. Every training will start and end with our ‘Board’, on which we will monitor everybody’s energy from that day, effort and satisfaction.

Join the Training module?

Would you like to sign up for the TCT Training Module Autumn 2022?
Send an email to;
In the email, please include;
Date of birth:
Address/ place of residence:
Mobile number (contact person):
Email (contact person):
Where you train now (hall and which training group(s):

Costs for the module (to be paid at the start of the module)
€85 for climbers with a Cube training subscription.
€ 115 for climbers without a Cube training subscription.